How to have the best summer ever!

Best summer ever Summer try something new

For all you in the Southern Hemisphere, it's now getting to the warmer end of the year which means only one thing: summer! At Contendher we LOVE summer! It means longer days, delish in-season fruit and more excuses to catch up with friends.  And because the "official" start of summer is still a couple of months away, we couldn't help ourselves but think of how to make the summer of 2015/2016 that much better. Here are our top tips for a summer you won't forget: Eat in-season only We all know that it's better to eat local, in-season fruits and veges,...

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How to survive a day on limited sleep the night before


Adventure women of the world need a lot of energy - there's always something new to see or do over that next hill, after all. We all know how important a balanced diet, exercise and enough sleep is to feeling alert, but what can you do if you've had a terrible nights sleep and a big day ahead? Your know those nights – can’t get comfortable, waking every hour, thirsty as hell and an endless dialogue of thoughts ripping through your brain. Eventually you either just pass out with exhaustion (if you’re lucky), or you give in and just get out...

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Why every girl should give fishing a go

fishing try something new

Fishing has long been the domain of "men doing manly things", but not anymore. With more and more ladies giving one of the oldest sports in the world a try (and killing it), isn't it time you finally got out there? Here's a list of why we love fishing, and why women of all ages should give it a go! And if you're worried about getting cold/wet, just grab one of our wet weather jackets to keep you comfortable and looking good. It's active Depending on the type of fishing you do, bringing in a big fish is actually a really...

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Lifewear: how to style activewear for the everyday


The lines between casual wear and activewear are becoming increasingly blurred - with Australia now well and truly focusing on exercise and well-being as an essential pillar of a healthy lifestyle. At Contendher, we're not just jumping on that bandwagon, but leading the way. Our unique range of lifewear for women means you can combine style and comfort to take you from your morning hike, straight to the coffee shop, and every where in between. We're styling activewear for the everyday.  I recently read an article in The Collective  about how incorporating activewear in to everyday life is defining a whole new genre of...

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