How to have the best summer ever!

Best summer ever Summer try something new

For all you in the Southern Hemisphere, it's now getting to the warmer end of the year which means only one thing: summer! At Contendher we LOVE summer! It means longer days, delish in-season fruit and more excuses to catch up with friends. 

And because the "official" start of summer is still a couple of months away, we couldn't help ourselves but think of how to make the summer of 2015/2016 that much better. Here are our top tips for a summer you won't forget:

Eat in-season only

We all know that it's better to eat local, in-season fruits and veges, but sometimes the cooler months make it harder to stick to this idea. Luckily summer offers a wealth of delicious fruits and veg to make sure you're eating like a queen! Mangos, Watermelons, Bananas, Cherries and more! And make it even better by getting these from your local farmers markets or organic store. 

Make time for friends

Remember the good old days of high school where we would get 6 weeks of nothing but hanging with friends and maybe a part time job? Whilst most of us now have to fit a job around our summer socialising activities, make sure you prioritise social events, now that the weather has warmed up. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, perhaps just heading down to the beach on a Sunday morning (instead of burying your head in the pillows). Memories are best when they're shared!

Get a pool

For those lucky enough to have a pool at home, make sure you make time to enjoy it! And for those without? We're sure you're thinking "oh sure, I'll just install a $30,000 pool", but sometimes even just a cheapy blow up pool will do the job! 

Try something new!

They say we should do something that scares us everyday. And whilst we're not to sure who "they" are and how their nerves can cope with a daily hiding, we definitely think summer is the time to expand your thinking! Know a friend with a boat? Ask to come along next time they're heading out! What about Stand Up Paddleboarding? (It's exercise and it's fun). Or what about finally doing that bushwalk you've always talked about. Just remember to stay sunsafe - melanoma is not the outcome you want. We recommend the Contendher Snapback hat for serious sun protection.

Book a holiday

It seems that, come September, we're all a little on edge and needing a bit of a break. Now's the time to book that trip! Whether is a weekend away in the car, or a full-blown overseas adventure, taking some time off to relax and unwind is the perfect way to make memories for the best summer ever. 

Be the best version of yourself

Warmer weather generally calls for less clothing, which means more body parts exposed. And before you freak out and start cursing the extra sticky date puddings you devoured sitting around the heater, just remember there's still time to make some positive changes. Of course, at Contendher, we celebrate all kinds of bodies and would never advocate crash dieting to look like a Victoria's Secret model, but it never hurt anyone to eat more fresh fruit & veges, and move a little more! 

Try signing up for a Pilates class, or swap the breakfast catch up for a walk instead, even just doing a couple of situps in front of the TV will make a difference come summertime. And just remember, it's how you feel that counts!

What are your top tips for making this summer unforgettable? Leave a comment below!

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