About Contendher Australia

Contendher Australia is all about style and functionality. We are dedicated to being providers of quality, affordable womens rain jackets and outdoor accessories. 

We pride ourselves on being the only manufacturer of outdoor apparel made only for the female shape. That means:

  • All womens rain jackets feature our unique tailored fit to help define the waist
  • The womens rain jackets feature a lower back to cover the bottom (which keeps you protected from the elements and looks great)
  • We've conducted comprehensive fittings across a range of body types

The quality of our products reflect our dedication to supporting women in all aspects of life.

Founded in 2013 after a frustration with current availability of outdoor apparel for women, Contendher Australia has gone from strength to strength and continues to build its community through its quality range and product offerings.

womens-rain-jacket-contendher-apparel womens rain jacket
womens-rain-jacket-contendher-apparel womens-rain-jacket-contendher-apparel